Conscious Breathing: why you should take even one minute from your busy day to do it.

Breathing is unconscious and automatic, meaning we don’t realize that we’re doing it most of the time. We know the importance of breathing because we literally breathe to live.

Conscious breathing is deliberate. It is where you focus on nothing else but the breath entering and leaving your body.


The world we live in gets hectic and chaotic at times and it is therefore necessary to stop and consciously inhale and exhale. In that moment we break from the chaos, allow our minds to slow down, become aware of our thoughts and let go, even if only for a short time.


Conscious breathing can provide relief from stress, anxiety, depression, chronic pain and asthma. It can also reduce high blood pressure, improve concentration, lead to relaxation and help us sleep better.

We become lost in our thoughts worrying about the future, replaying the past over and over and failing to stay in the present moment.

Setting aside the time to step outside of the mind can only benefit us, as we get the chance to notice the thoughts for what they are and let go of the ones that are harmful and unproductive. Spiritual Gurus and practitioners of meditation say that when you are able to observe the thoughts, you become separate from them. This is a new habit that most of us will have to cultivate.


Self improvement sometimes takes a lot of will power but there are ways to make it easier. The Japanese philosophy, Kaizen,which translates to good change and means continuous improvement, states that small steps on a regular basis will lead to large improvements over time. It includes the concept of the one minute principle that suggests doing something for one minute and no more when starting a new practice. Spending one minute on something is pretty easy. It is easier to convince ourselves to spend one minute on a task than to spend thirty minutes.

Try it today. Set a timer for one minute, inhale slowly and deeply from the diaphragm, exhale slowly and count that as one breath. Continue to breathe and count till the minute is up.

Try doing it once per day then eventually work it into all of your day where every so often you pause for a minute to consciously breathe. You can set a reminder for every 2 hrs or so and then set your timer on your phone for one minute.

Change your life with small steps. Utilize the breath that keeps you alive in the myriad of ways that it can improve your life. Healing and change can literal come from the breath.